Spiritual Guidance; Counselling


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Christine is a Registered Social Worker

Social workers help people resolve problems that affect their day-to-day lives. People see social workers when they are going through a difficult period in their personal, family and/or work life. Social workers deal with all ages, groups, backgrounds and income levels.

Social workers help clients:
  • identify and understand the source of stress or difficulty
  • develop coping skills and find effective solutions to their problems
  • find needed resources
  • by providing counselling.

For more information about social workers and to see Christine’s private practice listing in Find a Social Worker, consult the Ontario Association of Social Workers.


Christine works with issues such as:

  • work and relationship choices
  • life transitions
  • depression and anxiety
  • addiction, substance abuse and recovery
  • all forms of relationship abuse
  • physical and mental illness
  • loss, grief and trauma
  • caregiver stress
  • workplace stress
  • relationship and family difficulties

Christine’s style of helping

  • respect for the dignity of all
  • deep listening
  • attention to the whole self- body, emotions, mind and spirit- as well as social networks
  • attention to clients’ experience, strengths and resources, including creativity and spirituality to allow
    • motivation to learn new skills
    • strength and comfort in dealing with pain
    • structure and choice in dealing with complex situations
    • confidence and trust for healing and integration

Differences in counselling, psychotherapy, and psychosynthesis:

Counselling provides guidance for dealing with situations, by such activities as giving information, outlining alternatives, helping to set goals, brainstorming and giving support. Counselling is often a shorter term process.

Psychotherapy works with underlying personality structures or habitual ways of responding. It helps resolve symptoms of mental disorder, psychosocial distress and difficulties coping. Psychotherapy may be a longer term process.

Psychosynthesis is a theory and method of transpersonal psychotherapy developed by Roberto Assagioli. It is attractive to people who are seeking to heal, mature, and integrate personal and spiritual identities. It is useful in the search for greater understanding, increased meaning and joy, and deeper connections with self and others.