Christian Ministry


Christine is a life-long Christian, who has also explored other religions.

Her passion for including the spiritual dimension in counselling gradually clarified into a call into ordained ministry, and she is now a Deacon in the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa.

What is a Deacon?

A person ordained to a ministry of service, both in the church and in the world. A deacon assists at the Eucharist but does not preside. Some people are ordained deacons for life; others are ordained to the diaconate before later being ordained a priest. Liturgically, a deacon reads the Gospel, sets the table, leads the Prayers of the People and dismisses the congregation.

Ordination 30 Sept 2013 004Deacons assist bishops and priests and have a special responsibility to minister in Christ’s name to those who are poor, sick, suffering, and in any kind of need. Prior to ordination to the diaconate the candidate is expected to have a personal spirituality that demonstrates an integration of body, mind, and spirit working towards wholeness. This spirituality manifests a maturity that is demonstrated not only in regular participation in the liturgical life of the community, but also in an explicit commitment to spiritual growth, and a disciplined life of prayer. In addition, the candidate must demonstrate competence in the scriptures and church history, ethical decision-making, worship, and one or more influential area(s) of diaconal ministries (e.g. workplace ministries, outreach ministries, social advocacy ministries, environmental advocacy ministries, etc.), as well as knowledge of Christian theology. (The Deacon in the Diocese of Ottawa: Competencies & Customary, 2013)

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