Spiritual Guidance


Christine offers spiritual guidance both within the Anglican tradition and from an interfaith perspective.

Deep listening allows spiritual values, longings, and dilemmas to clarify. Prayer welcomes the presence of the sacred and opens us to transformation. Teaching about faith traditions provide frameworks for understanding. Christine is passionate about the links between mental health and spirituality. She is honoured to offer spiritual guidance to people experiencing mental illness. Christine works from a contemplative framework. Her core contemplative practice is Centering Prayer.

Spiritual Guidance & Spiritual Direction 

The Tree of Contemplative Practice

Spiritual guidance and spiritual direction are terms from the Christian tradition (though not exclusive to it) for a process for becoming more aware of the spiritual movements in one’s life, with the help of a spiritual guide or director who prays, listens, and gives counsel, so that choices grow increasingly in line with spiritual values and longings.

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Contemplative Practices

Contemporary spiritual seekers find contemplative practices in many religious traditions and cultures. Seekers may want guidance as they explore what practices are right for them.

Centering Prayer

Christine is a practitioner of Centering Prayer, a silent prayer practice taught and resourced by Contemplative Outreach. The intent of Contemplative Outreach is to foster the process of transformation in Christ in one another through the practice of the Centering Prayer. Learn more about the many resources of Contemplative Outreach (International).

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Christine is a past member of the Service Team of the local organization, Contemplative Outreach Eastern Ontario.This group provides introductory workshops on centering prayer, as well as silent retreats and other events to support the development of contemplative practices and contemplative community, as taught by Contemplative Outreach.